PDQ Review

For those that have not had PDQ, it is quite the experience. Some would argue that it is a mix between Chick-Fil-A, Zaxby’s and Bojangles. If you are a fan of fried chicken that has a little bit of a different flavor, PDQ is the place for you.

This PDQ is located in the same area as Carolina Ale House and the new Panera Bread. Parking is not an issue as their parking lot is solely for PDQ customers. During the first few months it was open, there was often a line at PDQ but that is no longer the case. Unlike Chick-Fil-A across the street which seems to always be busy, PDQ seems to be much easier to get in and get out.

The one knock on PDQ is their french fries. If you enjoy french fries with your chicken sandwich or chicken tenders, PDQ is not the most ideal place. Their fries are shoestring fries and are often very small. You have to get four or five of them to equal what would be one waffle fry from Chick-Fil-A.

If you are seeking a fried chicken sandwich that has a different taste and is also covered with a unique sauce, PDQ is an excellent choice. This is something in which Chick-Fil-A and Bojangles cannot compete. When ordering a chicken sandwich at Bojangles or Chick-Fil-A you cannot ask them to put sauces on it for you. You can ask for sauces and then put it one yourself but it is not nearly the same as what they do at PDQ.

Overall, PDQ is a great alternative when it comes to fried chicken. We would not eat it over Chick-Fil-A but it is comparable to Bojangles and Zaxbys.

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