Panera Bread Near US 1 Review

In early¬†2017, we believe March or April, the Panera Bread behind Carolina Ale House finally opened. As with many of the brand new Panera Bread locations, the greatest feature is the order by kiosk in which you don’t even had to talk to a cashier. We first started to notice these types of Panera Bread kiosks in the Washington, DC area and now they are throughout the entire Triangle. In fact, it is hard to go into a Panera Bread in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill without seeing the self serve order kiosks.

If you have been to Panera Bread you know what this one offers when it comes to food. The one complaint we have is there aren’t more than one or two large tables. If you have three or four people that are using their laptop, there isn’t a lot of room in this particular Panera location. You can go outside to do this, but it is much more enjoyable to do so inside.

We also noticed that the Internet wifi speed is not where it needs to be. In fact, this is a complaint we have with many Panera Bread locations – the wifi is way too slow. As someone that goes to Panera for business and using my laptop, this is very frustrating. We would spent many more hours in Panera is the wifi was up to speed. We would also spend a lot more money.

We have not used this Panera for takeout but noticed it is available. There are also more and more Panera customers that are ordering food for delivery. This is something we will have to try with the Panera Wake Forest, NC location near US 1.

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