Over the Falls Restaurant Review

Yesterday, I decided to spend the day in downtown Wake Forest with my grandparents. After spending a few hours shopping and walking around we decided to try out a nearby restaurant, Over the Falls.


First off, the place is absolutely adorable. It’s decorated rustic and provides a very homey feeling as soon as you walk in. The hostess was friendly and we were sat almost immediately, and even our 5 minute wait was just because we requested a booth.


We sat and our waitress was friendly and welcoming. We put in our drink orders which came out within a few minutes. After looking at the menu, I decided on getting the plunge, a roast beef sandwich with pesto, cheese and tomatoes.


We were all very impressed with how soon our food came out, and even more impressed with how good it tasted. It was me, my pregnant sister, and my grandparents, and all of us loved what we ordered. My sister has become EXTREMELY picky about tastes and smells since she has become pregnant, so for her to be so pleased what a great victory in our house.


Overall, the service was fantastic, the restaurant was quaint, and the food was delicious. I think my only complaint of the entire experience was getting roast beef stuck in my teeth. We definitely will be dining here again soon.

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