Best Pest Control Service in Wake Forest and Raleigh

If you are one of the many thousands of people moving to the Wake Forest area, you may not realize just how common “bug problems” are. If you are relocating from the northeast or southwest, you likely didn’t have to deal with termites, bed bugs and hornet’s nests. Unfortunately, one of the biggest parts of homeownership during the summer months in Wake Forest and Raleigh is controlling pests. It is not the case that you have to be concerned with every single bug, beetle or bee, but they can cause concerns down the road.

One thing that is imperative in Wake Forest and Raleigh is to find a reliable and professional pest control company. When it comes to Raleigh area pest control companies you should look no further than Cleggs. Cleggs has ben around since 1965. This means they have seen any and all types of bugs, beetles or termites. In fact, you may want to use their blog to learn more about Bugs in North Carolina.

Even if you are not concerned with termites or bed bugs, remember that pets are common in this part of the country. If you have an outside cat or dog, it is very likely they will get fleas at one time or another. Cleggs Pest Control can help isolate and destroy any flea infestation you have in your home. This is something you will want to address early rather than waiting until it has gotten out of control. Some people will think to buy a “flea bomb” at WalMart, Home Depot or Lowes but you cannot be 100% confident this is going to work. If it doesn’t work, your animals are going to continue to be stressed because of the fleas.

If you happen to be moving to Wake Forest in late 2018 or early 2019, we strong encourage you to contact Cleggs before you make your move. Many HOA’s will suggest a pest control company but none of these companies will offer better service and a better product than Cleggs.

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