Heritage Golf Course Review

Heritage is much more than a golf course. It is an entire community and may eventually be its own little town. That said, this review is strictly for the golf course and the experience while on the golf course.

Heritage is a semi private golf course that increases rates on the weekend in an attempt to reduce play from non members. One of my biggest issues with this course is the amount of play it gets. In all reality, the course we benefit by going completely private but that is unlikely to happen.

If you play with a member during the week you can get on the course for around $45. I think it is $60 if you don’t have a member to play with. If you plan on playing on the weekends you are going to drop about $100. If you have the opportunity, it would be better to play with a member at Hasentree for that price.

The course is not nearly as difficult as Hasentree but the par 5s do play longer. The par 3s are shorter and the par 4s are about the same. If you are a good wedge player, you should be able to play well at Heritage. Remember, Heritage has newer Championship Bermuda greens but that have softened up a bit over the last few years. That said, they still putt very differently than bentgrass greens.

You may also find that as a low ball player you struggle at Heritage. Heritage promotes a lot of high ball shots; especially with Championship Bermuda greens. Keep this in mind before dropping $100 to go out and get your butt kicked in on a Saturday or Sunday.

The course is a very nice course for a public course. In fact, I would rate this as the #1 public course in Wake Forest and a top 5 in all of the Triangle. Other public courses that would be comparable are Lonnie Poole (NC State), UNC Finley and Duke’s course. Other than the university courses, there aren’t many public courses in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area that stack up to Heritage.

Unless you are a single digit handicapper, I would suggest playing the black tees which are the middle tees. If you are feeling frisky, you can play the blue tees which end up being one up from the tips. If you are a bomber, go back to the tips and see how the course treats you.

One of the great things about the Heritage Golf Course is there is always a beverage cart girl. I have never played the course and not seen one. This means you don’t have to worry about bringing your own snacks or drinks. You will also be able to grab something before the turn or after your round.

If you plan to play this course in under four hours, you are fooling yourself. Pace of play is always an issue at Heritage as there are tons of women’s groups that walk the course in the morning. While there is always a ranger, there isn’t much they can do when you have five groups of walking women.

Overall, this is a great course if you can only play public golf in Wake Forest or the Triangle. If you are in the Wake Forest area, the best option will always be Hasentree.

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