Hasentree Country Club Golf Course Review

Understand that this is one of many reviews we will do for the Hasentree Country Club. We will do a review for the restaurant and dining options, for the pool and for the overall experience when it comes to living in Hasentree. This review will focus solely on the golf course and the experience one would have while golfing at Hasentree.

Hasentree golf course is a par 71 Tom Fazio design that is one of the best layouts in all of North Carolina. If you are a fan of Tom Fazio golf courses, you will love Hasentree. At the present time, Hasentree has bermudagrass fairways and rough with bentgrass greens. There is zoysiagrass around the bunkers and some hybrid zoysiagrass in the rough on specific holes.

On June 20th, 2017, the Hasentree golf course will convert from bentgrass greens to championship bermuda greens. The course will be open, but in essence, it will be unplayable until Labor Day weekend 2017.

Hasentree is one of the best golf courses I have played with the current bentgrass greens. If you are looking for a true putting experience, there is none better than Hasentree when the greens are in good shape. Unfortunately, Hasentree has lost a handful of greens over the last few summers therefore Toll Brothers, the owner of the course, has decided to convert to championship bermuda which is a much more durable type of grass for greens.

The one complaint many golfers have when it comes to Hasentree is the length of the course. While the 3 tees show only 6300 yards on the scorecard they play much longer with a number of uphill tee shots and uphill second shots. The first hole plays like a par five with many average distance hitters having a long iron or a wood into the green for their second shot of the day. The final hole of the day also plays like a par 5 unless you can carry the ball over 275 yards in the air.

If you are up for the challenge of the distance, there is no better course in terms of design and layout. There are many, many bunkers on the course. If you are not a great sand player, you could really rack up a score by landing in fairway or greenside bunkers. Clean up your sand play before going out to Hasentree Country Club in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Over the last year, the maintenance staff has decided to cut down the rough to make it more playable. Years ago, it was nearly impossible to find your ball in the bermuda rough. In fact, many balls would roll off the fairway and would be lost. If you could find the ball, you had to punch it out and accept a one shot penalty. This is no longer the case as the rough is at a moderate length and the ball will often sit up on the bermuda.

When it comes to the greens, there are none better. If you are one that loves putting the golf ball, there is no better course in North Carolina than Hasentree. Some PGA Tour professionals have stated that Hasentree is almost as good as Augusta National. That is what makes it so hard to see the bentgrass greens converted to championship bermuda. But, what can you do?

If you are ever in Wake Forest, North Carolina and you want a true Country Club golf experience, do your best to get on at Hasentree. The golf course is a very special Tom Fazio design and you can be rest assured that you are going to find grass under your ball if you hit it anywhere near straight.

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